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Our objective is to become WA’s number one Appliance Repair company, providing our customers with the best service from start to finish through our professionalism coupled with the experience and expertise of our technicians.


We seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients through guaranteed effective solutions with quality, safety and confidence. We have expert technicians and professionals in each area of our business which allows us to provide the highest-quality service throughout the process.

Our Values


At Bestec Service we believe that our employees are central to delivering the highest quality appliance repair service to our customers in Perth, Western Australia. This is why we always ensure that the people who join our team in the hiring process are people who, in addition to being professional and experienced, embody important values especially honesty, because it creates and nurtures an atmosphere of trust and mutual benefit for both our customers and our company.


Bestec Service endeavours to understand the needs and concerns of our customers, which means we always strive to develop and maintain strong customer relations. By listening carefully to our customers and acting on their feedback, we are able to provide them with the best appliance repair service in Perth and offer the best solutions.


Bestec Service maintains utmost respect in our dealings with customers because to us, the ability to recognise, appreciate and value differences is imperative in creating a supportive environment that encourages solidarity in our community. This is why we work every day to instil and uphold this culture in our team and share it with our clients, colleagues and suppliers.


Our goal at Bestec Service is to exceed expectations, so effort and hard work are ideals that characterise us to a tee because we look into each job and work with patience, persistence and dedication to find the best solutions and deliver results

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